In the picture Amadou Diouf, young deaf actor arrived from Senegal as unaccompanied child.

Indifferenze is a project which is involving more than 100 students and youth from underprivileged communities in Palermo City, that will be trained on how to promote human rights and democratic participation through the arts all over the world.

The project is funded by Action Aid Italia, Realizza il Cambiamento and co-funded by the European Union.

The programme will produce 12 theater shows, 6 videos, 100 posters, and a wide international social media campaign.

Indifferenze will offer theater training, human rights training, and will allow many young people from Palermo to learn how to create original performances based on true stories.

All the young people will come from underprivileged districts and underrepresented communities.

Raizes will promote their local and international action for civil engagement and for the use of the shared public space.

The shows will be presented for free in 5 different districts in Palermo City.