Open! is the the theater performance created by Yong Di Wang, 19 year old italian blind performer and percussionist, originally from China, and Amadou Diouf, a deaf performer who arrived in Italy from Senegal crossing the desert and the Mediterranean sea alone at the age of 17, in june 2023.

Yong and Amadoud, created and original performance with the supoort of Raizes Teatro and Alessandro Ienzi’s mentorship. The show is a contemporary Odyssey which mixes music, dances, percussions and creates images truly inspired by the performers’ personal life experience and the true cases of children’s rights deprivation.

“How many obstacles have we to face everyday to nourish ourselves and to make our best dreams come true?”

The performance was presented at the Global Campus of Human Rights in Venice for the Opening of the Venice School for Humna Rights Defenders and at the European Youth Event in Forlì, organized by the European Parliament and Università di Bologna, Alma Mater Studiorum.